As an independent entity UFS
is able to address your entire company's needs
Structure & Manage National
Contracts with Manufactures.
Structure & Mangage Leases
Maintenace Contracts.
Facility Optimization.
Complete Procurement, Lease,
Equipment Managment Services.
Maintenance Cost Tracking
Universal Fleet Services specializes in lift trucks and rolling stock and will provide a program, customized to our client's needs. We have extensive knowledgeof the industry, manufacturers, and dealers.
UFS serves as a single entity to manage and cordinate fleet activities, and allows its clients to leverage the volume from their procurements. Currently, we manage over 10,000 pieces of equipment for our customers saving on average 15-20% of their annual spend. UFS personnel has the experience neccessary to analyze the information, make detailed recommendations, and implement solutions.
Saving time and money.